HS [a∫εs]
invariable adjective
   a. (inf) ( = hors service) [appareil] kaput (inf) ; [personne] (par fatigue) beat (inf) ; (par maladie) out of it (inf)
   b. ( = haute saison) high season
* * *
(colloq) ’aʃɛs adjectif (abbr = hors service) [machine] on the blink (colloq); [personne] knackered (sl) GB, shot (colloq) US
* * *
aʃɛs abr
* * *
HS adj (abbr = hors service) [machine, voiture] on the blink; [personne] knackered GB, shot US; son travail l'a mis HS his job has really knackered him GB, his job has tuckered him US.
(abréviation de hors service) adjectif
(familier) [appareil] out of order
[personne] shattered
la télé est complètement HS the telly's on the blink

Dictionnaire Français-Anglais. 2013.

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